Stun Gun Basics, Straight Up Facts

 Stun Gun Basics, Straight Up Facts

Do not make the mistake of assuming that stun guns and Tasers are one and the same. This is a misconception that many people have. So, what exactly is a stun gun and .38 special ammo  how is it used to maximize your protection?

A stun gun’s main issue or benefit (depending on point of view) is that it requires direct contact with the perpetrators body to do its job. This can be a plus or a minus depending on the situation.

A stun gun gets the job done simply by inflicting pain. Although pain compliance can be extremely effective it is not a fool proof method. A stun gun is an excellent option for many different scenarios and has saved lives!

One of the particularly beneficial attributes of a stun gun is that they are not a one shot wonder. It is possible to use a stun gun multiple times on one charge. This is a giant plus in the positive column for stun guns.

So, what happens when a stun gun is implemented? The stun gun uses a small amount of current drawn from a battery. The reason this is effective is that the small amount of current is used very effectively and the actual output is much more than the draw on the battery. Technology has come a long way!

The physical response in the assailant has been described as a cramp. Make no mistake; this would be the mother of all muscle cramps. The stun gun delivers the charge with direct contact, ideally, the assailant decides the pain is not worth it and stops the attack. If the initial burst does not do the trick the victim can release another charge and continue to do so until the attacker backs off. The attacker is not generally left with any lasting effects although some bruising or minor burn marks are normal.

It is legal to carry a stun gun throughout the United States. It is a good idea to obtain some training if you are planning to carry a stun gun. Training helps to ensure that you do not endanger yourself any more than necessary. It also helps to make you more effective when using your stun gun. Just because you do not need any special permit does not mean you should carry a stun gun lightly. So, basically, a stun gun can be an excellent source of personal protection and may be a good choice for you.

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