Colour Schemes to Consider When Decorating a Room

Where do you start? What color schemes should you consider when decorating a room.

A little knowledge is essential about the theory of color. The color wheel is the place to start  마곡노래방. If you are confident enough to experiment with color you can then practice techniques in mixing, matching, complimenting and texturing.

Color should be inspirational. Color should form the basis of the room. It is so important that you think carefully about the colors you have chosen and why you have chosen them. Remember you are going to base your furnishings around your color choices. Color should reflect your individual personality and lifestyle.

The use of color and tones can emphasize or disguise certain elements of a room, for example if you have an uneven wall texture, using deep tones of color will generally accentuate a feature whereas, a light color will help disguise it.

Sensitive choice of color will set the character and mood of a room, so it is important to get the color right. Don’t forget this color maybe on your walls for a while. Think carefully about what the room is all about and what you are wanting to achieve.

Consider also the light source in the room. If it is a north facing daytime room, it will have very little natural light, so go for a good strong luminous color range. Golden yellows and rosy pinks will bring the room to life as well as give the room warmth. A light south facing room however, will suit most colors, so the palette will be dictated more by the mood you wish to create for the room.

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