The 7 Steps You Must Take in Home Security to Enhance the Protection of Your Coins

1. Residential security alarm system: If you don’t already have one, you should consider a residential security alarm system for the entire house. This is the foundation for the rest of the elements I will discuss in this article. Robberies most frequently are confined to the main living area and master bedroom. Place your safe outside the living area of your house.

2. Partitioned or separately zoned safe room: Have the room with your safe in it, zoned separately 7.62×39 bulk ammo from rest of the house. It might be wise to have a deadbolt installed on the door as well. With the safe room lockable, you can have its security alarm armed when you aren’t in that room, but you’re still in the house.

3. Install a security alarm device on the safe: There are devices available that detect forced entry into the safe. They contain a seismic detection system reacts to the characteristic vibration patterns of all breaking-and-entering tools, such as hammers, drills, diamond saws, hydraulic pressure tools, as well as thermal tools like a welding torch, and thermal lance. They sense vibrations that occur within a 45 foot radius of where they are mounted.

4. Duress code programmed in: You can have a separate duress code programmed into the security system that alerts the alarm monitoring center of a robbery in progress. If someone breaks in while you’re home and forces you to open the safe room and safe for them, you disarm the room with the duress code and open the safe. Meanwhile, the police are being called.

5. Camera pointing at the safe: Have a security camera aimed so that an intruder is clearly visible to it. Get a camera with high enough resolution that a good clear image in low light is possible. That way you are being recorded, if being forced to open the safe by an intruder. It will also record the intruder who manages to bypass the alarm system when no one is home. This is great for insurance claims also.

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