Vintage Dolls And Collecting – Are Your Childhood Keepsakes Worth Money?

Most of us went through a period of spring-cleaning as we got older, where we threw out all of the toys that we were “too old for” anymore. If you’re lucky, your mother (or just your good sense) kept you from doing this — and if you are really lucky, these vintage dolls are now thought of as collector’s items.

Not all vintage dolls were created equal, even way back when. Just like in today’s toy market, dolls ranged in quality and cost. In general, dolls that were more expensive and of better quality when they were new tend to command higher prices now ラブドール通販 . Examples of high quality dolls that are now coveted by collectors include Madame Alexander, Arranbee, Effanbee, American Character, and Vogue.

Most of the higher quality manufacturers marked their dolls, so the first step is to check for markings. These are usually either on the back of the neck underneath the hairline, or on the doll’s back. If you are very lucky, and you have the original tag and/or box, not only will you know what kind of doll you have, but also chances are she is worth more than she would be without those things.

If you can’t find any markings on the doll, try to remember if anyone ever told you as a child what your doll’s name was. You can also make visit your local doll hospital or shop to see if they know what the doll is. If all else fails, go through the pictures in every doll book and every website you can find, and see if you can recognize your doll. Remember, differences in dolls’ facial features are subtle, so study the pictures and look at as many as possible before settling on any one of them as an example of your doll!

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