How to make an essay longer: Tips and tricks to filling paper length requirements

An important part of a good college paper is the length of the essay. Your professor will appreciate that you have read the instructions and were able meet the requirements. This shows that you have put in a lot of effort and thought into your writing. You don’t want to go below the page count or word count of the final draft. It is important to make sure your paper has great content.

If you are struggling to make an essay more long, it is easy to become overwhelmed. These easy tips will help you write a longer and better essay.

There are many ways to make your paper last longer
Do you want to learn how to make a paper lengthier? Although there are many ways to make an essay look longer, you won’t be able to fool your professor by using large font sizes or larger margins. These tricks will make your paper look longer and help you get to the minimum time.

Tip #1: Use examples.

The first thing to do when you want to lengthen an essay is to look at the claims that you made. Take a look at your essay and see what ideas you have. Did you support those ideas with examples? Try adding some research to prove your claim. It will strengthen your argument and lengthen the paper.

You could claim UFOs existed, and include an example of a sighting by an eyewitness or reference a documentary. For each idea, you should use multiple examples! Your professor will appreciate your support of claims, which will result in longer writing.

Tip #2 – Use phrases/words for transition ideas

Transitional words are a natural way of increasing the length of your writing. This allows you to easily switch between ideas and brings your readers along. They will also improve the length of your texts! It’s a win/win scenario.
Tip #3 – Reverse outlining

Reverse outlining sounds exactly like it is. Once you have written your paper, go through it again and make an outline using what you have already written. This can help you to reorganize pages so that it makes sense to those who are reading your work. Additionally, it can highlight areas you need to improve.

If you find a point that you need to clarify, you may want to extend your writing.

Try breaking up long paragraphs that contain more than one idea and dividing them into several paragraphs.

Tip #4: Go over your prompt. Again.

Although you’ve likely read the prompt at least a million time by now, if it is difficult to comprehend, reread it. Think about this: Have you answered all of your professor’s questions? Did you back up your answers with convincing language You should take the time to ensure you have met all requirements. If you haven’t, make sure you add the additional information to your document.

Tip #5: Use expert quotes.

Quotations take up more space. It is important that your paper doesn’t contain a lot of quotes from other writers. Some of the writing should be yours, but it’s fine to spice up your work with expert quotes. This is a valid way to increase your word count, but also to prove to other writers that you know what you are doing and share your ideas. Be sure to use correct formatting when quoting and citing sources.

Tip #6 Formatting your paragraphs

You must ensure that each paragraph has the correct formatting. Every paragraph must have a topic sentence. Make sure to complete the formatting in any paragraphs you are unable to do.

Tip #7

This is similar to a silly suggestion: “Just use more phrases and words!” We are not going to judge your work. There are many clever ways to use more than one.

Be sure to include “to-be” verbs. Avoid using the phrase “I eat quickly”. Instead, write “I am quick eater.”
Be more descriptive. Be more descriptive. We had so much great fun riding the Ferris Wheel and eating funnel cakes.
Make verbs nouns. “I have concluded that …” is more than …”.


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