How to Have a Blog Help You Sell More Homes and Loans – Tips For Realtors and Lenders

How to have a blog help you close more deals? Wouldn’t it be great if you could figure this one out? In the world of real estate and real estate marketing, most Realtors and lenders alike seem to be stuck in the “old school” way of farming and prospecting. That is, Realtors are out there putting flyers on the doorsteps of homeowners and lenders/mortgage professionals are out there putting flyers on the doorsteps of the Realtors. The stark reality of this, however, is that unless you have decades of experience and a huge database from which to draw, these methods of prospecting probably aren’t making you much money. In fact, if you are like most in the profession, you have given thought (at least once in the past year or two) to quitting or at least getting another part-time job to make ends meet.

So, with that in mind, I would encourage you to approach this article ready to embrace something new pii_email_ca406694fa91d858906c . If you are ready to explore something new and make changes to your farming efforts, then read on. If not, you can probably stop here. Ok, you are still reading, so let’s move on…

More than likely, your boss or broker has been in the industry for a long time. Probably even before the internet existed. He/she probably has a website and they know how to use email, but beyond that, the internet is just a place for them to make plane reservations or check movie times. They can probably spell “blog” but beyond that, forget about it! If this sounds familiar, then it is highly unlikely that you have been exposed to any internet marketing techniques, and that is a shame. But, the good news is that we can change all that right now!

How to have a blog help you close more deals? Here we go… Now days, when people want to buy a house or get a loan, they almost ALWAYS start the process online. It’s easy, quick, they don’t have to talk to a salesperson, no pressure, etc… Hey, I don’t blame them, that’s where I would start too! So, I have to ask you now, what is your web presence like right now? If you are like most in your profession, you have a website but it is probably nothing more than a generic site with your picture and a couple of paragraphs about you injected into it. Maybe you have your listings or listings from you office on the site. You pay a small fee and the site pretty much maintains itself. You put very little into it and guess what, you are getting very little out of it.

You’re still asking me “How to have a blog help you close more deals” aren’t you? Here’s the answer.

If you start a blog and begin writing short articles (posts) on this blog about the market, about foreclosures (a hot topic right now), about interest rates, about short sales, about how to sell your home at the highest price, about purchasing a home, the list goes on and on… You will find that within a very short period of time, you will have established yourself as an expert in your field. Funny thing is, most people in the industry will label themselves as “experts” even if they haven’t done anything. Savvy buyers, sellers, and borrowers will see through that quickly. But if you create something tangible that they can see, read, and watch (yes, you can easily put videos on your blog too) then you will go a long way towards beating out your competition.

Most Realtors have been told to create a listing presentation book. This is great, but what if you never get the opportunity to meet face to face with the client? A blog is essentially a high end listing presentation book that allows a client to learn about you from the comfort of their own home. They can even subscribe to it so they will receive updates any time you post something new. In today’s internet heavy world, you are wasting a valuable resource if you do not have one.

So, how to have a blog if you do not know how to set one up? Easy… Learn! There are many resources out there that will teach you how to set up a blog and even how to market it online and off line. You may need to spend a little money and time to learn, but if you close even one deal because of it in the next 2-3 years, it will more than pay for itself. Oh, one more benefit I forgot to mention, blogs are free! Yep, no monthly fees, no set up costs (other than perhaps your education).

If you are a lender and you want to really cement your Realtor and referral partner relationships, then learn how to set up a blog and then teach your Realtors how to do it.

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