Creating a Passive Income: With Niche Blogs

Blogs are a recent invention of the internet, a few years ago blogs did not exist but now we hear a lot of news about people making small fortunes with them. As blogs are free to access and usually the information contained within them are publicly available, people don’t understand where the money generated by blogs comes from.

The way blog owners can generate an income is through adverting or selling their own products or eBooks through their blog. Google AdSense is a widely used advertising platform, a blog owner would usually integrate Google AdSense on the blog page, Google AdSense is then able to assess the content of the web page and show the visitors appropriate advertisements which are associated with the page content . This is very advantageous to the blog owner because if the advert is similar to what the viewer is looking for they are more likely to click the advert. When the viewer clicks on the advert Google pays the owner a referral fee.

Blog owners often monetise their blogs by offering their own products or eBooks. A blog owner could write an eBook about their niche market which interests the user and advertise it on their blog. Blog owners can also advertise products and services from other advertisers such as Amazon or ClickBank. I usually recommend that the person that is offering the product should use the product themselves before offering it on their blog.

The downside to this form of passive income is that the amount of money received can vary dramatically from week to week depending on the niche market and how many clicks the blog owner gets per day on their adverts. The usual click rate is around 2-4% this means that for every 100 page viewings you get around 2- 4 clicks. The amount you get paid for these clicks can also vary massively depending on the niche market and the type of advert clicked. So in order to make a good income from this form of passive income blog owners require to have blogs which receives a very high volume of traffic each day. There are other strategies like designing Google adverts to match your blog page which could also increase your advert click through rate. It horrible accessing a blog or a webpage that is riddled with adverts, it’s preferable not to harass your viewers.

But how does HARO work to increase blog traffic? Let’s say you have a business blog and are searching HARO for guest blogging opportunities based on your industry. You may come across a particular query that piques your interest, one requesting guest bloggers. You can then send a response to the individual who posted the query, asking if you could be a guest blogger. If the query writer agrees, then you have just landed a guest blogging opportunity!

When your guest blog is published on the query writer’s blog, you gain exposure to a completely new market. The query writer’s blog readers can then visit your blog after viewing the guest post.

Another way HARO can help increase your blog traffic is if you submit your own query, requesting guest bloggers for an upcoming series on your blog. When you submit a query, you categorize it so that only individuals interested in that particular topic will stumble across your query. So, if you had a travel blog and wanted to find guest bloggers to participate in a blog series on European Travel Providers, you might create a query on HARO requesting guest bloggers in the travel industry. Inside your query, you can put the link to your blog, directing interested travel bloggers to your site to see if they’re interested in guest blogging.

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