QR Code? What Is A QR Code Anyway? And Why Should I Care?

In this article, we are going to answer a question many business owners are now finding themselves asking – What Is A QR Code Anyway? And Why Should I Care? We are going to explain specifically, what a QR code is, what they are useful for, as well as demonstrate how business owners can certainly use this unique technological innovation to improve their promotional and advertising endeavors, and additionally grow their profitability.

What Are QR codes?

The QR code is, for lack of better words, a two-dimensional barcode on steroids สร้าง qr code. QR is the acronym pertaining to Quick Response. Which suggests, the contents of the particular code will be decoded at top speed using a QR barcode scanner? Compared with the barcodes we have been accustomed to finding on products, which merely encode information in the horizontal plane, Quick Response codes are able to encode information both horizontally and vertically in a grid of tiny squares. A great deal more data can be encoded in this small space, affording them a greater advantage over their predecessor.

What Are QR Codes Useful for?

Originally used for monitoring components in the vehicle manufacturing industry, Quick Response codes are now being used in many applications, which include both commercial as well as user-friendly marketing and information applications, ideally suited for mobile phone users. Also known as mobile tagging, this process delivers data encoded in the two-dimensional barcode, which is read via specialized code readers, now available on a number of mobile devices.

Besides their particular use for mobile tagging, Quick Response codes can often include other forms of beneficial information. For example; text messages, contact numbers, e-mail addresses, or a website URL. A business card which has a QR code branded on it could instantly transmit a digital version of the owner’s contact information, to the person who scans the QR code using the reader application on their mobile device or cell phone.

As the Smartphone market continues to explode, Quick Response codes are rapidly becoming more popular in the marketing and advertising sectors, and have certainly been integrated into both brick and mortar and internet based marketing and advertising plans. They are often seen on store-front window decals, service company vehicles, event tickets, business cards, stationary supplies, newspaper and trade publication advertisements, direct mail campaigns, websites, e mail marketing, and coupons, just to mention a few.

How can I use QR Codes in my business?

Irrespective of how small or large your company, it can take full advantage of Quick Response codes in several ways. I’m betting that, at this moment, the wheels are certainly beginning to spin, and you are contemplating several methods that these Quick Response codes might be used to boost the marketing and advertising efforts in your company.

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