Make Gmail Work Smarter With Labels

The Google e-mail system – called Gmail – has become very popular in recent years. It’s a free, web-based e-mail system that makes your e-mail available from any internet-connected computer. While Gmail is very popular, it also has a bit of a learning curve, with some features that aren’t found on any other e-mail system. One of the most useful features – if you know how to use it – is the “Labels” system. In a nutshell, Labels are much like “folders” in other systems. They provide a way of organizing e-mail messages, and even offer the opportunity to pre-sort messages as they arrive in your inbox. This can be very useful, especially if you’re one of those people who likes a clean inbox, or just has a lot of incoming mail, and you need a system to keep track of everything.

Keep in mind that Labels are a lot like folders; folders on your computer that store all kinds of digital information, and folders in e-mail systems that can be used as a virtual filing cabinet สมัคร gmail. Labels / folders can be used to keep all your messages from a specific person in one folder, or messages from business associates in another. Most people nowadays have very busy, usually crowded inboxes. With Labels, you can have Gmail automatically sort incoming messages.

If you haven’t noticed your Labels, they’re listed in a column on the left side of your Gmail inbox, below the links for Inbox, Drafts, Spam, Trash and a few others. If you haven’t set up any Labels, you may or may not have any additional listings. Time to put the power of Labels to work for you!

Under the new iteration of the main Gmail page, you’ll see your G-mail address listed in the upper right corner of the web page. Next to that is a small gear-like icon. Give that a single left-mouse click to open the Options menu. The first item on the list is “Mail settings.” Give that a single left click to go to the Settings page. At the top of the page you’ll see the big “Settings” headline, and right under that, a list of features that extends across the entire page. Things like General, Accounts and Imports, Filters, Forwarding and more – and of course, labels. Single-click the Labels text and go to that page. From that page, you can create all the labels you want – and have Gmail automatically filter messages. That means Gmail will check incoming messages, looking at things like the sender’s name, the subject line, and even text in the body of the message. Based on rules you set up, Gmail will then sort the message into the correct Label. Yes, that sounds a bit strange, but it’s the proper use of the term for Gmail. Remember, you can think of Labels as folders, if that helps you keep them straight in your mind.

Don’t worry about missing an important message! Gmail provides visual clues that you have messages in different Labels as the arrive in your inbox. You’ll see a number in parentheses next to the Label name. That indicates the number of unread messages in that label folder, so you’ll know to look into that Label and read the new messages.

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